LED lighting – Power of a Diode !

24 Jul

Since the invention of the first bulb by Thomas Alva Edison, the lighting industry has developed into a giant field of business and it has been providing different varieties of lights with every passing year. The category of lights since the first bulb has expanded staggeringly. From the candles we have reached an age with fluorescent lights, LEDs, and many more.

LED canopy light

LED has become one of the modern trends of lighting; it works on the simple yet useful principal of emission of a diode. LED stands for Light Emitting Diode which came in practical study in the year 1962. Since then it has evolved and now it has turned into an industry and slowly taking over the other forms of lighting available in the market.

LEDs are used for various lighting purposes such as:

  • LED canopy light
  • Wall lighting
  • Parking lighting
  • Hanging fixtures
  • Lamps
  • LED Flood lights
  • LED sport fixtures
  • High Bay lights

The reasons why LED has become the colossal tycoon in the lighting industry is because of the following reasons:

  • It has extra long life, which is hard to find in the conventional forms of lighting.
  • Unlike bulbs, LEDs does not generate unnecessary heat and thus they are the most energy efficient forms of lighting known to humans.
  • LEDs are eco friendly and are made up from 100% recyclable material that contributes in the reduction of Carbon foot print.
  • It is the optimal form of lighting for the outdoor use as it has features like shock proof, vibration resistant and antagonistic to external impacts.
  • Most of the lighting available in the market have a problem of ultra violet emission which very harmful for any living creature on this planet, LEDs are the solution of this major problem and does not emit any kind of ultra violet radiation.
  • It is flexible and can be shaped into any form to provide better design, style and contour to the users.
  • As LED works on individual diode system, it is very easy to control each and everyone diode which can be used to generate patterns in the light especially the lightings for clubs, pubs, discs, and concerts etc.
  • It works on very low voltage compared to any other conventional light.

As the threat of global warming is increasing and our planet at stake, LEDs have turned out to be a very beneficial form of lighting, not just for us but for mother Earth as well.

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