Sparkling Indoor & Outdoor With LED Lights

20 Aug

LED is an abbreviation of “Light Emitting Diode.” it is typically a lighting fixture that is extremely energy efficient. When it was first introduced in the market, it was confined to a single bulb; used in simple applications like electronics, pen lights and instrument panels and very rarely to outdoor and indoor Christmas lights. Now the array of LED has been quite extended that satisfies all the needs of today’s generation which fits perfectly in every field either commercial or social.

LED light fixtures

Benefits Of Using LED Light Fixtures:   

Cost Effective:

LED lights last up to 20 times longer than typical incandescent so it is cost effective.

Long Lasting: 

LED bulbs don’t come with filament that’s why there is a very rare chance to get it damaged. Mostly they come with warranty period unlike a regular incandescent bulb.


Unlike a common incandescent bulb, LED light fixtures don’t heat the environment; they produce only 3.4 btu’s/hour comparatively 85 for incandescent bulbs. Thereby help to trim down air conditioning costs at home or office.


These types of lights are free from mercury that is a general thing used in common bulbs.

Energy Saving:

LED lights consume very less electricity. It takes only 1/3rd to 1/30th of a CFL or Incandescent bulb.

Available In Remote Areas:

Because of less power consumption, LED lights can be more practical in off-grid or remote areas.

Friendly for Portable Generators:

These kind of lighting fixtures are ideal for small portable generator that is used at home and office for power backup in emergencies.

LED canopy light

LED lights are undoubtedly a great choice for both indoor and outdoor lighting applications. It easily mixes and matches your indoor decoration and beautifies the outdoor appearance as well. However they come in various colors, designs and shapes; if you are not satisfied with the availability in the market or don’t get what you need, feel free to get it customized according to your requirement and expectation.


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