Switch to LED for a Better World

28 Aug

LED stands for light emitting diode which is a two-lead light source.  LED was first introduced in 1962 and since then it has involved in to a colossal industry. LED has surpassed the traditional forms of lighting as it is highly beneficial for the environment.  There are several benefits in using LED lights:

  • It does not emit UV radiation as fluorescent lighting.
  • LED is not made from toxic materials.
  • LED is weather proof and thus is typical for outdoor lighting.
  • It works on very low power, saving a lot of energy and money wasted on electricity.
  • Because of individual diodes, LED retrofit kits are popular than traditional ones.
  • LED emits white light which is close to the light of sun and thus is used as flood lights in stadiums.
  • LEDs are shock proof and resistant to extreme weathers.
  • With its efficiency, LED does not emit heat and thus conserves energy.

With the above mentioned features, LED can be referred as the liberator for the ecological health of our planet. It reduces the electricity usage which is beneficial on personal level in the form of money and globally it helps in reducing the carbon footprint.

LED retrofit kits

So, if you are planning to be a part of this planet and saving this beautiful habitat of ours, then follow the guidelines to buy the best and most energy efficient LED lights:

  • Start off by making a list of all the light fixtures at your residence or office that needs to be replaced.
  • List down the types of fixtures you need like garage lights, parking lights ceiling lights and side lamps etc.
  • Now, search online to find the local supplier in your town, city or state.
  • There is a high possibility that you may find lots of suppliers.
  • Visit websites of the different suppliers to understand their prices and quality.
  • For making a better decision, Read reviews about the company or you can ask friends and family.
  • Contact the short listed supplier and check for the prices again.
  • Ask if there are any installation charges, most of the companies do provide free installation.

After taking the correct steps, place the order before assuring the hidden charges and the warranty. Once the shipments arrive, double check the list of equipments and see if there are no defects in the equipment.


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