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LED Wall Pack – Preserver of Energy in Lighting

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode which is considered the most eco friendly way of generating light and uses less power consumption. There are varieties of lights available in the market, conventional bulbs, tube lights, fluorescent lights, lava lamps, etc. but LED lights are the most reliable, easy to maintain form of lights.

LED wall pack

There are several reasons why LEDs are very ecological and are getting popular among the people extensively. Following are the benefits of using LED lightings instead of the conventional ones:

  • Long life: LED’s don’t heat up so they produce light for longer time. Studies suggest that a LED can work for about 11 years continuously that is about 100,000 hours.
  • Energy Efficient: LED doesn’t waste energy in producing unnecessary heat as the purpose is to produce light, so it requires very less electricity to function saving a lot of money for the user.
  • Environment friendly: LED wall pack is made from non toxic chemicals for example: fluorescent light contains mercury in it. LED are 100% recyclable and helps to decrease the carbon foot print.
  • Tough in quality: It has a solid texture and can any rough condition; it is shock proof, vibrations proof and resistant from external impacts. So it can be the ideal form of light used outdoors.
  • Safe: LED’s don’t emit Ultra violet Rays and only produces infrared transmissions which are a very important reason for the greatness of LED. Because of this, a lot of the museum, art galleries etc use it as it doesn’t harm the artifacts with the UV radiation.
  • Flexible: it can be combined, shaped, molded in any way to create the best of the designs. There are various LED wall packs which are available in the market.
  • Better control: Because LED is a single diode, so a light will contain a lot of them, hence each diode can be controlled providing different patterns in light, dimness and defected diode can easily be replaced which is better than buying a whole new light.
  • Weather friendly: conventional lights can cause complications in extreme hot or cold weathers, whereas LEDs can work in both styles of climates.
  • Its light can be directed in an effective way and does not require any external reflecting tools for it.
  • It is a very low voltage product so it is ideal for the use in areas where there is problem of overloading etc.

LEDs can be referred as the future of efficient lighting as they do not produce harmful UV rays and also utilize the energy efficiently which makes it the most ecological form of lighting created by the human race.

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LED- The Ecological Awakening

LED lights are getting popular day by day and slowly taking over the conventional  light industry of fluorescent lightings and so on.  LED means light emitting diode which is a two lead semiconductor light source and was founded in 1927 by Oleg Losev which was later modified by Nick Holonyak in 1962. There are several reasons why LED light source is much better than the traditional fluorescent light and bulbs.

LED light fixtures

Some of the significant reasons are:

  • LEDs are made from non toxic chemicals making it more eco friendly than any other category of lights.
  • Adding to the eco friendly factor, LEDs do not emit Ultra Violet rays which is quite typical in fluorescent lighting.
  • LEDs are made from durable material which makes them appropriate for outdoor lighting.
  • They are shock resistant and weather proof which makes them ideal source of lighting.
  • LED lights consume less power saving a lot of electricity, thus saving a lot of money on electricity bills.
  • LEDs are efficient in conserving energy which means it doesn’t produces any unnecessary heat like bulbs.
  • LEDs are made from single diode which makes it easier to control and thus are used in retro lights, club lights and various LED wall packs.
  • LED lights emit bright white light which is similar to sun rays and because of this factor these lights are preferred in stadiums and as flood lights.

These factors make LED more efficient and beneficial source of lighting. The LED industry has evolved into a colossal entity. With over millions of users worldwide, it is surely becoming the future of lighting. Many are opting LED lights because its environment friendly, some because it is not harmful and most of them are using it because it is saving a lot of money on their electricity which in a way is ecological. The category of LED lights have increased more than any other light, creating parking pole lights, garage lights, flood lights and so on. If you want to be a part of this ecological trend then do consider replacing your lights with the planet saving form of lights. Look up online to find the best supplier in your town to get an affordable deal.

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Reasons Why LED Flood Lights are Beneficial

LED lights are ecological savior of our planet. LED stand for Light emitting diode which is a two lead semiconductor light source.  LED was first introduced in 1962 and since then its development and diversity has been growing exponentially. Its popularity has taken over the traditional forms of lighting and here’s why:

  • LEDs consume less power than traditional lighting which saves electricity and therefore money.
  • It does not contain any toxic material like other fluorescent lighting.
  • LED does not emit UV radiation which is common in the ordinary lights.
  • It is highly durable, shock proof and weather resistant.
  • Unlike Bulbs, LED does not waste energy in heat which makes it more efficient.

LED flood light

There are several types of LED lights that are available in the market. One of the trendy types is LED flood light. It is used for various purposes for lighting outdoor areas. Warehouses, perimeters of houses, theaters, playgrounds and stadiums are few of the locations where flood lights are most efficient. There are all sorts of flood lights available but LED flood light stand out because of the following:

  • LED flood lights have unique longevity which makes it the first choice.
  • Traditional flood lights consume a lot of electricity as they are generally used for outdoor purposes, whereas LEDs provide the same in half of traditional lights consumption.
  • Ordinary flood light produces a lot of heat which damages it with slight change in weather; this problem is not seen in case of LEDs.
  • It emits white light which is quite similar to sun light. Because of this reason these are preferred in stadiums.
  • It does not emit carbon and is not affected by temperature changes which make it the most appropriate outdoor lighting.

LED canopy light

Not only Flood lights, all the forms of LED lighting are more efficient, environment friendly and power saving. This is the reason why environmentalists also support LED over Traditional lighting. With the complications of limited resources, depletion of ozone and global warming LEDs are turning out to be the savior of the planet providing bright aura without causing harm to Earth.

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Significance of LED Light Fixtures!

LED stands for light emitting diodes which can be used as a substitute of traditional incandescent bulbs in a range of light fixtures: lamps, ceiling fixtures, under cabinet lights etc. It is Eco friendly and creates less pollution. In today’s modern world, people are focusing on LED light fixtures instead of traditional fixtures which helps in saving their hard earn money. There are trustworthy companies available on the internet who offers you commercial lighting products at a reasonable rate; you can rely on them to make a purchase.

LED light fixtures

There are some points which you should consider before purchasing LED light fixtures:

  • Consider the quality of light which is coming out of the fixtures.
  • Consider the cost while buying it because low price fixtures also flicker. Purchase those fixtures that are assured “flicker free.”
  • You should always buy those lighting products which gives you the warranty of minimum 90 days. If this warranty is not given, then it is recommended not to buy that product.
  • Get a product demo if you are purchasing more than 4-6 units. Check if the light is bright enough, how it works with skin tone and whether the beam angle is right for your room.
  • You should also keep this thing in mind that different manufacturer’s use diverse LED’s in their fixture. It may also differ in color with each batch. To get the best color consistency, try to purchase all LED light fixtures at once.

LED light fixtures are famous for saving electricity. People prefer it because it also helps in saving money. There is a great saying that Money Save Is Money Earned. So, you can earn a lot of money by applying this at your home.

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