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Understanding the Significance of Metal-Halide Light Fixtures

What are Metal-halide Light Fixtures?

Metal-halide lamps are high intensity discharge (HID) light fixtures comprised of glass bulb (arc tube) which is connected to a series of wires having another glass bulb attached with it. And when electricity passes through the bulb, the gas and metal halides (bromine or iodine) produce light. 

metal halide light fixtures

Construction of metal halide bulbs are just like mercury vapor lamp.  Metal halide light systems are generally used in warehouses, stadiums or in industrial areas where distinctive colors is crucial. Low wattage bulbs are used by grocery stores, department stores and other places where quality of illumination is important.

 Advantages of Metal-halide lighting systems:

  • Metal-halide lamps provide intense light
  • Bright white light
  • Color rendering
  • A single metal-halide light can provide many hundreds watts of illumination unlike other lamps which require multiple units to give same light.
  • Installation of this light system increases the beauty of that place.
  • It is long lasting so there is no need to change the light bulbs again and again.
  • Two times better than mercury lamps and six times efficient than incandescent

Types of Metal-halide bulbs:

Metal-halide light fixtures generally come in two types- a single ended screw base and double ended HQI based. These lamps are available in various color temperatures and watt.  Metal-halide lamps are categorized under “probe-start and “pulse-start” system. These lamps are system specific and will not work with mismatches systems. These bulbs are long-lasting and do not require much maintenance.

LED canopy light

Though, these lights are a bit more expensive than traditional lightning systems but price is nothing when it is compared to quality of light it gives. Also, costs of these systems are gradually coming down with increasing demand. 

Buy Metal-halide bulbs online:

Today, there are many stores which sell metal-halides bulbs online. A little research on internet will help you to find high-quality metal-halide bulbs at an affordable rate.


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Choose the right form of light for Your Street Lamp!

Traditional street lights take up a lot of energy which can give you chills, especially when the electricity bill drops by at the end of the month. Fluorescent Street lamps consume too much of electricity and these lights are not so durable in an outdoor environment. So, it is important to choose the right kind of light for the street.

Apart from fluorescent and other traditional forms of light, the most eminent form of light is turning out to be LEDs. With its white light brightness (it gives out the same light as sunlight) and rigidity, LEDs are becoming a user’s first choice for Street Lamps.

LED cobra head

LED cobra head and other LED street lamps are quite popular for street lights. LED expands into Light Emitting Diode which is a p-n junction based semiconductor. LEDs are considered the most eco-friendly form of lighting and there are many reasons for that.

Referring strictly to Street Lamps, LED lights are better in the following ways:

Power saving   

LED lights work on the most energy sufficient mechanism and thus save the maximum energy. Unlike other forms of lights, LED lights utilize the entire electricity in generating light and does not use up energy in the form of heat. According to the law of conservation of energy, energy can never by destroyed, it can only change from one from to another. So, LED only converts the electrical energy into light energy thus, creating light and less heat which is a major problem in other lightings. LED use less power which means it saves up more money.

High durability               

Street lamps require high rigid lights which can withstand the changing weather. Most of the lights which heats up while producing light get easily damaged when there is even a little rain but LED does not have any complication like that. It is made shock and weather resistant which makes it the most appropriate light for street lamps.

Easy maintenance  

Lights which are exposed to open environment can get easily damaged and most of the traditional lights need replacement once they are damaged. However, LED lights are made from several diodes and each diode contributes in generating light. So, each single diode can be replaced which makes it easy to maintain. Instead of replacing the entire light, in a LED street lam you can just replace the diode.

LED canopy light

These reasons are enough to explain that whether a LED is suited for the purpose of street lamp or not. Read about LED more before you decide on buying the next lot lights. LED is eco friendly, power saving and do not produce UV rays which are very common in a fluorescent light.


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Importance of Outdoor Lighting

The trend of designing an outdoor space with dissimilar sorts of classy products is burgeoning by leaps and bounds in today’s phenomenon. You can transform your garden look into an inviting place with the right outdoor lighting as it is the only place where you can unwind yourself for hours.  

LED parking lot lighting

A range of outdoor light poles, wall lights, lanterns, lamp posts and spotlights provide you the right solution for all your outdoor décor’ needs. You can pick and choose the special light effects of various top brands from any renowned online store and turn your garden into a magical space in a matter of moments.

Outdoor Light Poles:

Tall light poles can be more suitable for wide areas, driveways, parking lots as well as open lawns. Because of the much distance from ground to the bulb, the lighting may appear dimmer comparatively shorter lamp posts. Thereby a bulb with high wattage and of a good brand can be the right choice to provide adequate lighting.                 

Outdoor lighting tips:

  • You can create pools of light by illuminating lower areas in your garden your balcony. For instance you can light pots of plants from the bottom up.
  • Outdoor is a place which is exposed to harsh weather, so you need to ensure that the lights you purchase are certified for outdoor use.
  • Switches for most of your outdoor lights should be functional from indoor. It is all because of your convenience and safety.
  • Get the lights installed at the top of gateposts as well as around the perimeter of the outdoor area so as to have sufficient light to brighten all corners of your home.

Live Your Outdoor Life Limitless With Right Garden Lights:

Having a sense of safety and feeling comfy is essential when you walk at home. That is why motion sensors light can brighten up your pathway to let you know if someone is there. A visible and clear outside space will not only enhance the worth of it but also save your energy too.


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Variety of LED Light Fixtures!

LEDs are the modern form of lighting which has surpassed all the other kind of illuminations. Made from light emitting diodes, these lights are ecologically friendly, does not emit Ultra violet radiation like other fluorescent lights and work on low voltage. Working on less power saves energy and it does not generate unnecessary heat which also saves a lot of electricity.

LED light fixtures

LEDs are resistant to extreme weathers, vibrations and are shock proof which makes them ideal for outdoor lighting.  Made from innocuous materials these lights can be called the future of lighting industry. As LED consist of individual diodes, it can easily be controlled and create infinite pattern and styles which makes it a flexible form of light.

There are two types of LED light fixtures which are further sub-categorized:

Indoor Lighting: As the name suggests, indoor lighting includes the different forms of lights that are fitted inside a confined space or room. These lights include different types such as:

Ceiling Lights: These fixtures are generally used in foyers and hallways. 

Wall Lights: These are available for both indoor and outdoor; they are usually used as task lights.

Chandeliers: These are the iconic fixtures which are usually the centre of attention. Chandeliers are used in dining halls, hallways and entrances.

Pendants: These fixtures hang from the ceilings which are used for counters, kitchen and tables.

Recessed: Recessed lightings are used to draw attention to a specific item or overall illumination, usually used for lighting the paintings, artwork and collections.

Fans lights: These lights are attached with ceiling fans and are used in bedrooms and kitchen.

Outdoor Lighting: These lights are used for outdoor purposes but also some indoor lights like club lightings and sports lighting are also falls into the category of outdoor lights. Following are the different fixtures:

  • Parking lot lighting: lights used for outdoor parking
  • Sports lighting fixtures: used for different sports field.
  • Flood lights: Used for illumination open spaces.
  • Garage lights: Used for large garages.

With the different type and styles of LED lights, the future may be expected as a safe, eco friendly and illuminated world.


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LED or Fluorescent- The Battle of Efficiency!

Ever since the invention of LED, the lighting industry has evolved into more ecological state. Prior to LED, fluorescent lights were used for every purpose. Fluorescent lights are still widely use as people are still discovering the hidden benefits of using LED lights. There are several differences between a fluorescent and LED light.

LED wall pack

LED Lights  

LED lights are made from LED which stands for Light emitting diode. It is a semiconductor gadget which emits light when electricity is passed through it. There are two types of semiconductor which are connected together in a LED, P-semiconductor and N-semiconductor is connected together which forms P-N junction semiconductor which is solely responsible of generating light when the current flows through it. LEDs are getting popular and are available in market. LED garage light, canopy lights, ceiling lights etc. are few of the many forms of LED lighting. Here are the benefits of LED lighting:

  • Does not use any toxic materials and are made from eco friendly substances.
  • Low power consumption which saves a lot of electricity and money.
  • LEDs are individual diodes which makes it cheaper to maintain.
  • Does not emit UV radiation and has durable strength which makes it appropriate for outdoor lights.

Fluorescent lights              

These are made from fluorescent tubes which are based on the movement of mercury and neon gas. Electricity is passed through the neon gas which charges the mercury vapors that result in emission of ultra violet light. The short emission of ultraviolet light is reflected from the tube which has phosphorus coating inside that causes the light to glow bright. These lights produce bright lights. Some features of Fluorescent are mentioned below:

  • These are quite cheaper than other form of lighting but use mercury for light production.
  • It has long life span but frequent switching may cut it down to half.
  • They do not generate heat like bulbs but still use a lot more power than a LED.
  • The lights are comparatively bright than LED but it also uses the UV emission.

LED garage light

Even though Fluorescent produces more bright light than LEDs, it is still harmful in many ways. It uses toxic material like mercury and also emits UV light which is not healthy for human beings. Fluorescent lights are cheaper than LEDs but LEDs are more safe and ecological in every manner. LEDs also save a lot of electricity which can save money in longer run.


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