LED or Fluorescent- The Battle of Efficiency!

03 Oct

Ever since the invention of LED, the lighting industry has evolved into more ecological state. Prior to LED, fluorescent lights were used for every purpose. Fluorescent lights are still widely use as people are still discovering the hidden benefits of using LED lights. There are several differences between a fluorescent and LED light.

LED wall pack

LED Lights  

LED lights are made from LED which stands for Light emitting diode. It is a semiconductor gadget which emits light when electricity is passed through it. There are two types of semiconductor which are connected together in a LED, P-semiconductor and N-semiconductor is connected together which forms P-N junction semiconductor which is solely responsible of generating light when the current flows through it. LEDs are getting popular and are available in market. LED garage light, canopy lights, ceiling lights etc. are few of the many forms of LED lighting. Here are the benefits of LED lighting:

  • Does not use any toxic materials and are made from eco friendly substances.
  • Low power consumption which saves a lot of electricity and money.
  • LEDs are individual diodes which makes it cheaper to maintain.
  • Does not emit UV radiation and has durable strength which makes it appropriate for outdoor lights.

Fluorescent lights              

These are made from fluorescent tubes which are based on the movement of mercury and neon gas. Electricity is passed through the neon gas which charges the mercury vapors that result in emission of ultra violet light. The short emission of ultraviolet light is reflected from the tube which has phosphorus coating inside that causes the light to glow bright. These lights produce bright lights. Some features of Fluorescent are mentioned below:

  • These are quite cheaper than other form of lighting but use mercury for light production.
  • It has long life span but frequent switching may cut it down to half.
  • They do not generate heat like bulbs but still use a lot more power than a LED.
  • The lights are comparatively bright than LED but it also uses the UV emission.

LED garage light

Even though Fluorescent produces more bright light than LEDs, it is still harmful in many ways. It uses toxic material like mercury and also emits UV light which is not healthy for human beings. Fluorescent lights are cheaper than LEDs but LEDs are more safe and ecological in every manner. LEDs also save a lot of electricity which can save money in longer run.


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