Variety of LED Light Fixtures!

09 Oct

LEDs are the modern form of lighting which has surpassed all the other kind of illuminations. Made from light emitting diodes, these lights are ecologically friendly, does not emit Ultra violet radiation like other fluorescent lights and work on low voltage. Working on less power saves energy and it does not generate unnecessary heat which also saves a lot of electricity.

LED light fixtures

LEDs are resistant to extreme weathers, vibrations and are shock proof which makes them ideal for outdoor lighting.  Made from innocuous materials these lights can be called the future of lighting industry. As LED consist of individual diodes, it can easily be controlled and create infinite pattern and styles which makes it a flexible form of light.

There are two types of LED light fixtures which are further sub-categorized:

Indoor Lighting: As the name suggests, indoor lighting includes the different forms of lights that are fitted inside a confined space or room. These lights include different types such as:

Ceiling Lights: These fixtures are generally used in foyers and hallways. 

Wall Lights: These are available for both indoor and outdoor; they are usually used as task lights.

Chandeliers: These are the iconic fixtures which are usually the centre of attention. Chandeliers are used in dining halls, hallways and entrances.

Pendants: These fixtures hang from the ceilings which are used for counters, kitchen and tables.

Recessed: Recessed lightings are used to draw attention to a specific item or overall illumination, usually used for lighting the paintings, artwork and collections.

Fans lights: These lights are attached with ceiling fans and are used in bedrooms and kitchen.

Outdoor Lighting: These lights are used for outdoor purposes but also some indoor lights like club lightings and sports lighting are also falls into the category of outdoor lights. Following are the different fixtures:

  • Parking lot lighting: lights used for outdoor parking
  • Sports lighting fixtures: used for different sports field.
  • Flood lights: Used for illumination open spaces.
  • Garage lights: Used for large garages.

With the different type and styles of LED lights, the future may be expected as a safe, eco friendly and illuminated world.


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