Choose the right form of light for Your Street Lamp!

23 Oct

Traditional street lights take up a lot of energy which can give you chills, especially when the electricity bill drops by at the end of the month. Fluorescent Street lamps consume too much of electricity and these lights are not so durable in an outdoor environment. So, it is important to choose the right kind of light for the street.

Apart from fluorescent and other traditional forms of light, the most eminent form of light is turning out to be LEDs. With its white light brightness (it gives out the same light as sunlight) and rigidity, LEDs are becoming a user’s first choice for Street Lamps.

LED cobra head

LED cobra head and other LED street lamps are quite popular for street lights. LED expands into Light Emitting Diode which is a p-n junction based semiconductor. LEDs are considered the most eco-friendly form of lighting and there are many reasons for that.

Referring strictly to Street Lamps, LED lights are better in the following ways:

Power saving   

LED lights work on the most energy sufficient mechanism and thus save the maximum energy. Unlike other forms of lights, LED lights utilize the entire electricity in generating light and does not use up energy in the form of heat. According to the law of conservation of energy, energy can never by destroyed, it can only change from one from to another. So, LED only converts the electrical energy into light energy thus, creating light and less heat which is a major problem in other lightings. LED use less power which means it saves up more money.

High durability               

Street lamps require high rigid lights which can withstand the changing weather. Most of the lights which heats up while producing light get easily damaged when there is even a little rain but LED does not have any complication like that. It is made shock and weather resistant which makes it the most appropriate light for street lamps.

Easy maintenance  

Lights which are exposed to open environment can get easily damaged and most of the traditional lights need replacement once they are damaged. However, LED lights are made from several diodes and each diode contributes in generating light. So, each single diode can be replaced which makes it easy to maintain. Instead of replacing the entire light, in a LED street lam you can just replace the diode.

LED canopy light

These reasons are enough to explain that whether a LED is suited for the purpose of street lamp or not. Read about LED more before you decide on buying the next lot lights. LED is eco friendly, power saving and do not produce UV rays which are very common in a fluorescent light.


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