Understanding the Significance of Metal-Halide Light Fixtures

30 Oct

What are Metal-halide Light Fixtures?

Metal-halide lamps are high intensity discharge (HID) light fixtures comprised of glass bulb (arc tube) which is connected to a series of wires having another glass bulb attached with it. And when electricity passes through the bulb, the gas and metal halides (bromine or iodine) produce light. 

metal halide light fixtures

Construction of metal halide bulbs are just like mercury vapor lamp.  Metal halide light systems are generally used in warehouses, stadiums or in industrial areas where distinctive colors is crucial. Low wattage bulbs are used by grocery stores, department stores and other places where quality of illumination is important.

 Advantages of Metal-halide lighting systems:

  • Metal-halide lamps provide intense light
  • Bright white light
  • Color rendering
  • A single metal-halide light can provide many hundreds watts of illumination unlike other lamps which require multiple units to give same light.
  • Installation of this light system increases the beauty of that place.
  • It is long lasting so there is no need to change the light bulbs again and again.
  • Two times better than mercury lamps and six times efficient than incandescent

Types of Metal-halide bulbs:

Metal-halide light fixtures generally come in two types- a single ended screw base and double ended HQI based. These lamps are available in various color temperatures and watt.  Metal-halide lamps are categorized under “probe-start and “pulse-start” system. These lamps are system specific and will not work with mismatches systems. These bulbs are long-lasting and do not require much maintenance.

LED canopy light

Though, these lights are a bit more expensive than traditional lightning systems but price is nothing when it is compared to quality of light it gives. Also, costs of these systems are gradually coming down with increasing demand. 

Buy Metal-halide bulbs online:

Today, there are many stores which sell metal-halides bulbs online. A little research on internet will help you to find high-quality metal-halide bulbs at an affordable rate.


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