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Precaution to Take While Retrofitting your Lighting System

Precaution to Take While Retrofitting your Lighting System

Lighting technology is continuously improving, and you should keep yourself updated with the upgrading technology. But does that mean you will have to buy a complete new fixture every time new technology hits the market? It’s not necessary, thanks to retrofitting. Retrofitting is a popular and cheap substitute to upgrading to a more power saving and high quality illumination system. If you want to know more about retrofit then this article is for you.

35 watt LED retrofit kit

Retrofit Definition

The term ‘retrofitting’ means the process of adding new features to an existing system. Generally, retrofitting is applied to enhance the effectiveness of any old system without replacing them. When it comes to lighting system, the common purpose of retrofitting to a modern technology is to boost the energy effectiveness and performance of already existing fixtures. It involves things like- shifting to a 35 watt LED retrofit kit or changing the ballast in a luminous fixture. A retrofit kit includes sockets, screws, brackets and quarter-turn fasteners. Many kits also include a reflector, which is designed to successfully direct light out of the fixture.

Here are few precautions which you should take while retrofitting light fixtures:

1) Do not pick the wrong retrofit kit– buying a retrofit kit that does not match into the original fixture can be wastage of money. Always read spec sheets, product details, or talk to a lighting specialist before buying it.

2) New is not always better– It is mare foolishness to replace your old lighting system with newer lights that are excess bright, excess dim or warm in color.

3) Do not get confused by Code Compliance Costs– While changing light fixtures, contractors have to bring the new installations up to present code. Getting installation up to current code can by very expensive sometimes as the new sizing necessities means extra labor is required to hold up the fixture, which ultimately can become an expensive project oversight.

4) Don’t take job completion time to lightly– There are few phases of lighting projects that can discard work finishing point estimates, especially in older structures where fixtures are hard to access because of architecture or cables of the building. The longer the entire process takes, the pricier the project becomes.

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