LED Retrofitting: A New Technology for Older Lighting Systems

05 Feb

With improving technology, everything is getting updated and advanced. When it comes to lighting system, this field too is constantly improvising with several new inventions. Modern LED system consumes less energy, gives milky-white light and lasts very long.  Therefore, you should keep yourself updated with the advancing technology as it will help you to save power and electricity bill.

LED flood light

However, being updated doesn’t mean to purchase the entire lighting fixture all the time when new technology comes in the market! Instead, you can go for retrofitting. Retrofitting is an admired, accepted and less pricey alternative to changing your entire illumination system.  This blog will help you to know more about retrofitting technology.

What is Retrofit?

Basic definition of retrofitting means the procedure in which new features are added to an already existing system. In most of the cases, retrofitting kit is used to boost the efficiency of an old structure without replacing them. In lighting system, the prime purpose of retrofitting is to enhance the effectiveness and performance of existing light fixtures.

LED retrofit kits - LED light

Retrofitting involves- replacing the ballast in a luminous fixture. A retrofit kit includes screws, sockets, quarter-turn fasteners and brackets. Some kits also include a reflector, which is made to direct light out of the fixture. However you must take few precautions when buying retrofit kit as different lighting fixtures require different kits.

These are some of the following precautions which you should take while retrofitting light fixtures:

1) Unmatched retrofit kit– Purchasing an unmatched LED retrofit kits for your illuminating system can cause stress and wastage of time as well as money. Therefore, before buying retrofit kits for lighting systems of your house and office you should always read product details and spec sheets; or you can also take suggestion from a lighting specialist.

2) Choose carefully– It is mare idiocy and wastage of money to replace your existing illuminating system with newer lights that are excess dim or excess bright.

3) Code Compliance Costs– Contractors have to bring the new installations up to current code when they change the lighting systems and it can be very pricey as the new sizing requires surplus labor force to hold the fixture, which eventually can become a costly business.

4) Try to complete the project in minimal time- There are few stages of illuminating projects that can delay the deadline; especially in old buildings fixtures are hard to access because of old styled cables. Always remember the longer the process takes, the expensive the project becomes.


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