Save energy and cost with LED Cobra Head

01 Apr

You want your garden and outdoor area to be open for family and friends to enjoy even after the sun has bid goodbye. But making that possible requires lighting sufficient enough to mark out a clearly visible path for walking and seating. Dark corners can be particularly unsafe for wandering off in the dark particularly if you have children and elderly people in the house. A dimly lit backyard is a potential ground for accidents which can easily be avoided by installing a few streetlights. Even the driveway needs lights in the night for safety purposes. But while we would all like our backyard and driveway to be well lit up, making it practically real can prove to a very costly proposition, unless you choose LED lights. LED Cobra Head lights are emerging as the most popular choice for street lighting mainly because of their low energy consumption and long energy life.


So called because its design resembles the head of a cobra, LED Cobra Head lights is highly energy efficient without compromising on performance. A fair more economical and greener alternative to traditional street lights that used sodium fixtures, LED cobra head street lights provides equal if not light performance at less than half the energy consumption. They are also extremely low maintenance since there is no light bulb change required. LED Cobra Head lights are fast replacing traditional lights as street lights in cities and towns across the country. They are also making their way into private homes and properties in the form of parking lights, lighting up sports facilities as well as campuses.

LED Cobra Head Lights are available in a variety of options including voltage, wattage and colour. Not all areas require the same amount of light, for instance a street light might be required much more illumination for a longer period of time as compared to a parking light in a commercial establishment or even a residential area. LED Cobra Head lights for residences are generally of lower voltage while street lights are high voltage fixtures which can continue to perform for a long period of time. Since lights play an important part nowadays in the overall décor of a house or property, it is important to consider the overall colour and lighting needs of your property, before deciding on a particular LED Cobra Head Light. Installing them is easy and maintaining them is even easier so it makes sense both in the long and short term to choose LED Cobra Head lights both for commercial and residential outdoor lighting needs.

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