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Understand the Benefits of LED Wall Pack Light Fixtures

The debate over whether LED lights are better than traditional lighting systems is no longer relevant as it has been proven beyond doubt that LED lights offer a far superior lighting solution compared to traditional light fixtures. A much more eco -friendly lighting technology, unlike traditional lights LED light fixtures have close to nil UV emissions making them suitable for use across industries and applications which require extra protection from harmful UV rays for instance historic artefacts and paintings in museums.

LED lights have become permanent fixtures in our homes both indoors and outdoors. LED Wall packs offer the best lighting solution for night time illumination of outdoor pathways and gardens for security purposes. Even more than indoor lights, LED wall packs are desirable for outdoors because of their low energy consumption. You can keep your outdoor lights switched on from dusk to dawn without running up a huge electricity bill. What’s more they are more rugged and better able to withstand outdoor rough weather conditions due to the use of highly durable components. While traditional lights often suffer from fused or broken bulbs, especially when wind or rain force is high, with LED wall packs you have no such worries to contend with.


Highly dependable and durable, LED Wall packs also have very long performance lives, average life span of an LED bulb can easily go up to 12-15 years, some have not required changing for more than 20 years, making them well worth the investment. The quality of illumination is also far superior, plus LED Wall packs also offer flexibility of focusing the light on one particular area for greater illumination when required. LED wall packs also come with dimmers that allow you to control the amount of light in your outdoor area, when you want your outdoor place to serve as a setting for a romantic evening, all you need to do is set your individual LED’s on dim.


Traditional lights take some time to flicker on and off and lose operational efficiency when switched on and off very frequently. LED Wall packs on the other hand require very little voltage to function, brighten up immediately upon being switched on and are not affected both in the long and short term by frequent on and offs. Cold weather can sometimes affect the performance of fluorescent lamps but with LED Wall packs you can be assured that even in the coldest of winters, your entryway and outdoor garden will shine forth with brilliance to keep intruders away and your property safe.


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Led Lights: Safe & Cost Efficient!

LED technology is high in demand in the current hi-tech era, as it is best energy efficient lighting system. Led light bulbs are durable that last year to year and produce better quality of light which is not scorching.

Places where commonly LEDs are used are:

  1. Industrial and Commercial Places
  2. Open and outdoor place
  3. Stadiums and sport courts
  4. Gardens and parks
  5. Fountains
  6. Under cabinet
  7. Festival decorations

Benefits of Led lighting fixtures:

Money Saving: This lighting technology is highly energy efficient and its durability is years to years. It saves at least 75% power and energy than other lights. People who switched to LEDs lights have significantly reduced their electricity bill amount.

Safer: LED lights have less UV radiations than other type of light and they do not get hot, one can touch these lights immediately after turning them off. It contains no toxic and mercury which is very harmful for environment.

Long lasting: No need to replace these lights up to 7 years of regular use, it can work perfectly up to 60,000 hours.

Durable: They are solid and are not on risk of damage like incandescent bulb, as led bulbs contain no filament.

Led lights are available in vast varieties and colors intended for different purposes on online stores. You can see all available lighting fixtures on their websites with full description and pictures, some stores even provide up to 5 years warranty. You can get assistance of trained electricians also, these stores have professional electrician who are certified in the field.

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