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LED Canopy Lights- Brightening up the world!

The LED lights have gained popularity and acceptance by the masses and have been approved by the latest technology as the safest, the most efficient and the most advanced light of all times. These lights are not only energy efficient but also are environment friendly and shock resistant. Now, if we talk about the LED canopy lights, these come in different shapes and sizes for different purposes. These have become the essential part of the present society and are blessing the world with more safety and more brightness!


These lights have a wide scope and can be used for a number of purposes and at the number of places. Following are the best applications of a LED canopy light:

  • Parking Garages
  • Street lights
  • Sports and Stadiums
  • Gas stations
  • Grocery stores
  • Housing
  • Other commercial purposes

Now, after knowing its various applications, you must be thinking of the reasons that make the LED lights so special that leads to their very broad scope. Here are the reasons and the features that make LEDs so desirable and pliant lights:

  • Energy Efficient: Saving energy is the first motive of everyone and these lights are the best energy efficient lights ever. This feature makes these lights more desirable and better than the other lights.
  • Saves Money: As these lights save 50-90% less power than the traditional lightings, it helps in saving large amount of money and hence, are best for the people and organizations which are not financially sound.
  • Bright Light: No doubt the LED lights reduce energy consumption but they do not compromise with the lighting levels and brightness. This adds an extra point to the LED lights.
  • Long Life: The LEDs last longer than any other traditional light and have 4-5 times longer life span.
  • Safety: LED canopy light provides safety to all when used at the buildings’ entrances, garages or on the streets. It is enough to lighten up the whole area or a street at a time and hence, helps in reducing the number of mishappenings and accidents that can be caused due to darkness.


These above reasons make the LED lights, the best option or garages, streets, buildings, gas stations and other commercial applications. Get the LED canopy lights installed as soon as possible by professional fixtures to bless your society or building with more safety and efficiency that too at low costs.


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Understand the Benefits of LED Wall Pack Light Fixtures

The debate over whether LED lights are better than traditional lighting systems is no longer relevant as it has been proven beyond doubt that LED lights offer a far superior lighting solution compared to traditional light fixtures. A much more eco -friendly lighting technology, unlike traditional lights LED light fixtures have close to nil UV emissions making them suitable for use across industries and applications which require extra protection from harmful UV rays for instance historic artefacts and paintings in museums.

LED lights have become permanent fixtures in our homes both indoors and outdoors. LED Wall packs offer the best lighting solution for night time illumination of outdoor pathways and gardens for security purposes. Even more than indoor lights, LED wall packs are desirable for outdoors because of their low energy consumption. You can keep your outdoor lights switched on from dusk to dawn without running up a huge electricity bill. What’s more they are more rugged and better able to withstand outdoor rough weather conditions due to the use of highly durable components. While traditional lights often suffer from fused or broken bulbs, especially when wind or rain force is high, with LED wall packs you have no such worries to contend with.


Highly dependable and durable, LED Wall packs also have very long performance lives, average life span of an LED bulb can easily go up to 12-15 years, some have not required changing for more than 20 years, making them well worth the investment. The quality of illumination is also far superior, plus LED Wall packs also offer flexibility of focusing the light on one particular area for greater illumination when required. LED wall packs also come with dimmers that allow you to control the amount of light in your outdoor area, when you want your outdoor place to serve as a setting for a romantic evening, all you need to do is set your individual LED’s on dim.


Traditional lights take some time to flicker on and off and lose operational efficiency when switched on and off very frequently. LED Wall packs on the other hand require very little voltage to function, brighten up immediately upon being switched on and are not affected both in the long and short term by frequent on and offs. Cold weather can sometimes affect the performance of fluorescent lamps but with LED Wall packs you can be assured that even in the coldest of winters, your entryway and outdoor garden will shine forth with brilliance to keep intruders away and your property safe.


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LED Lights for Garage: Best Way to Save Electricity and Money!

Today, everyone is looking for more power efficient lighting solutions. Making even minor changes in your home and office can remarkably decrease your electricity bills. One of small but significant change you can bring by adding LED lights in your garage. LED lights are enduring as compare to other methods of lighting systems which need less or no maintenance. Apart from garage, you can also use LED lights are used in houses, buildings, offices, parking lots, roads, stadiums etc.

LED canopy and garage light

There are several benefits of using LED lights. Here are some of them:

  • Power efficiency– LED lights are highly energy efficient. In fact, they can save 80% more electricity than usual incandescent light bulbs. You can save a lot of money which you waste in paying your energy bills.
  • Less heat- Unlike traditional bulbs LED garage light throw very cool light and do not heat the place. LED lights use energy to produce luminosity while incandescent bulbs use heat to generate it.
  • Mercury-Free– LED bulbs are completely mercury-free, which is very good for the environment and for your health. When you dispose these bulbs they do not pollute soil. Also, LED lights do not emit any UV or IR rays.
  • Less Insects- Unlike traditional lighting systems, LED provides comfortable illumination without attracting insects.
  • Long-lasting- One of the best qualities of LED bulbs is that they are long-lasting. LED bulbs produce around 50,000-100,000 hours of lighting. As per many researches, LED bulbs last 10 times longer than usual incandescent and CFLs bulbs.
  • Price- Though LED lights are a bit expensive but its long-term costs are significantly less as it does not require regular replacement. In an equal comparison, you’ll notice that you might have to replace usual CFL bulb three times before an LED starts to dim.

Because of all these advantages, you must use LED lights not only in garages but all over your home and office. They offer cool and bright beam that light up your garage while saving energy.

Buy LED lights online:

Today there are many companies in the market which manufacture and sell high quality LED lights. With the help of internet, you can search such companies which offer quality LED lights. You can buy them from any electricity shop or from online stores.


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LED or Fluorescent- The Battle of Efficiency!

Ever since the invention of LED, the lighting industry has evolved into more ecological state. Prior to LED, fluorescent lights were used for every purpose. Fluorescent lights are still widely use as people are still discovering the hidden benefits of using LED lights. There are several differences between a fluorescent and LED light.

LED wall pack

LED Lights  

LED lights are made from LED which stands for Light emitting diode. It is a semiconductor gadget which emits light when electricity is passed through it. There are two types of semiconductor which are connected together in a LED, P-semiconductor and N-semiconductor is connected together which forms P-N junction semiconductor which is solely responsible of generating light when the current flows through it. LEDs are getting popular and are available in market. LED garage light, canopy lights, ceiling lights etc. are few of the many forms of LED lighting. Here are the benefits of LED lighting:

  • Does not use any toxic materials and are made from eco friendly substances.
  • Low power consumption which saves a lot of electricity and money.
  • LEDs are individual diodes which makes it cheaper to maintain.
  • Does not emit UV radiation and has durable strength which makes it appropriate for outdoor lights.

Fluorescent lights              

These are made from fluorescent tubes which are based on the movement of mercury and neon gas. Electricity is passed through the neon gas which charges the mercury vapors that result in emission of ultra violet light. The short emission of ultraviolet light is reflected from the tube which has phosphorus coating inside that causes the light to glow bright. These lights produce bright lights. Some features of Fluorescent are mentioned below:

  • These are quite cheaper than other form of lighting but use mercury for light production.
  • It has long life span but frequent switching may cut it down to half.
  • They do not generate heat like bulbs but still use a lot more power than a LED.
  • The lights are comparatively bright than LED but it also uses the UV emission.

LED garage light

Even though Fluorescent produces more bright light than LEDs, it is still harmful in many ways. It uses toxic material like mercury and also emits UV light which is not healthy for human beings. Fluorescent lights are cheaper than LEDs but LEDs are more safe and ecological in every manner. LEDs also save a lot of electricity which can save money in longer run.


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Light Emitting Diode- A ray towards the green future !

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode which is considered the most eco friendly way of generating light and uses less power consumption. There are varieties of lights available in the market, conventional bulbs, tube lights, fluorescent lights, lava lamps, etc. but LED lights are the most reliable, easy to maintain form of lights.

They are various products for different purposes:

  • LED parking lot lighting
  • LED wall packs
  • Retro fix kits
  • LED area and flood lights
  • Sports lighting fixtures
  • High Bay lights

LED parking lot lighting

The reasons for its importance are:

  • Long life: LED’s don’t heat up so they produce light for longer time. Studies suggest that a LED can work for about 11 years continuously that is about 100,000 hours.
  • Energy Efficient: LED doesn’t waste energy in producing unnecessary heat as the purpose is to produce light, so it requires very less electricity to function saving a lot of money for the user.
  • Environment friendly: LED is made from non toxic chemicals for example: fluorescent light contains mercury in it. LED are 100% recyclable and helps to decrease the carbon foot print.
  • Tough in quality: It has a solid texture and can any rough condition; it is shock proof, vibrations proof and resistant from external impacts. So it can be the ideal form of light used outdoors.
  • Safe: LED’s don’t emit Ultra violet Rays and only produces infrared transmissions which are a very important reason for the greatness of LED. Because of this, a lot of the museum, art galleries etc use it as it doesn’t harm the artifacts with the UV radiation.
  • Flexible: it can be combined, shaped, molded in any way to create the best of the designs.
  • Better control: Because LED is a single diode, so a light will contain a lot of them, hence each diode can be controlled providing different patterns in light, dimness and defected diode can easily be replaced which is better than buying a whole new light.
  • Weather friendly: conventional lights can cause complications in extreme hot or cold weathers, whereas LEDs can work in both styles of climates.
  • Its light can be directed in an effective way and does not require any external reflecting tools for it.
  • It is a very low voltage product so it is ideal for the use in areas where there is problem of overloading etc.

Concluding, LEDs are the future of lighting as it protects the environment, made up from non toxic materials, consumes less power and is flexible for various purposes.


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LED lighting – Power of a Diode !

Since the invention of the first bulb by Thomas Alva Edison, the lighting industry has developed into a giant field of business and it has been providing different varieties of lights with every passing year. The category of lights since the first bulb has expanded staggeringly. From the candles we have reached an age with fluorescent lights, LEDs, and many more.

LED canopy light

LED has become one of the modern trends of lighting; it works on the simple yet useful principal of emission of a diode. LED stands for Light Emitting Diode which came in practical study in the year 1962. Since then it has evolved and now it has turned into an industry and slowly taking over the other forms of lighting available in the market.

LEDs are used for various lighting purposes such as:

  • LED canopy light
  • Wall lighting
  • Parking lighting
  • Hanging fixtures
  • Lamps
  • LED Flood lights
  • LED sport fixtures
  • High Bay lights

The reasons why LED has become the colossal tycoon in the lighting industry is because of the following reasons:

  • It has extra long life, which is hard to find in the conventional forms of lighting.
  • Unlike bulbs, LEDs does not generate unnecessary heat and thus they are the most energy efficient forms of lighting known to humans.
  • LEDs are eco friendly and are made up from 100% recyclable material that contributes in the reduction of Carbon foot print.
  • It is the optimal form of lighting for the outdoor use as it has features like shock proof, vibration resistant and antagonistic to external impacts.
  • Most of the lighting available in the market have a problem of ultra violet emission which very harmful for any living creature on this planet, LEDs are the solution of this major problem and does not emit any kind of ultra violet radiation.
  • It is flexible and can be shaped into any form to provide better design, style and contour to the users.
  • As LED works on individual diode system, it is very easy to control each and everyone diode which can be used to generate patterns in the light especially the lightings for clubs, pubs, discs, and concerts etc.
  • It works on very low voltage compared to any other conventional light.

As the threat of global warming is increasing and our planet at stake, LEDs have turned out to be a very beneficial form of lighting, not just for us but for mother Earth as well.

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Transform Your Outdoor Area with High Quality Outdoor Lighting!

If you are willing to transform your outdoor design with some new lighting fixtures, then search well as there are resources available to help you finding the perfect fit that can change you entire look of you outdoor area. With the help of Internet search, you can easily find thousands of unique outdoor lighting fixtures that may goes well with your size, color, and particular shape requirements.

Before you finalize things and move further to buy products from the market, it is important you should figure the number of lights that are required for your outdoor area. Mostly it is quite hard to figure out exactly how many lighting fixtures you require before you install them, but if you take some time out and count the requirements then you surely can get a rough estimate on the fixtures.

Outdoor lighting poles

Apart from this, you need to keep one more thing in mind before buying the final product that you should use something is energy efficient as they will consume a lot of energy when you turn on all the outdoor lights. Therefore, it is better to use LED sports lighting that will enhance your outdoor look and also consume less energy. These kinds of lights are light ion your eyes and do not produce harmful rays. They are cost-efficient and usually have long life.

You can also add some outdoor lighting poles at the entrance of your house as they will add elegance and class to your house. Outdoor is a large where you can put different kinds of outdoor lightings but if you are novice, it is better you does some research about these lightings. Through online, you can see the product and read the product description and can apply the lighting according to the structure and design of the house.

In case, you have all idea about different types of outdoor lightings and how to use them, then simply choose the best stores online and select the best designed outdoor lightings that are available at the best price. There are many online stores that offer such kind of products at reasonable prices, so search well and choose the best store that can offer you high quality products at the best prices. Through website you can see the product and place an order by clicking a mouse.

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