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LED Canopy Lights- Brightening up the world!

The LED lights have gained popularity and acceptance by the masses and have been approved by the latest technology as the safest, the most efficient and the most advanced light of all times. These lights are not only energy efficient but also are environment friendly and shock resistant. Now, if we talk about the LED canopy lights, these come in different shapes and sizes for different purposes. These have become the essential part of the present society and are blessing the world with more safety and more brightness!


These lights have a wide scope and can be used for a number of purposes and at the number of places. Following are the best applications of a LED canopy light:

  • Parking Garages
  • Street lights
  • Sports and Stadiums
  • Gas stations
  • Grocery stores
  • Housing
  • Other commercial purposes

Now, after knowing its various applications, you must be thinking of the reasons that make the LED lights so special that leads to their very broad scope. Here are the reasons and the features that make LEDs so desirable and pliant lights:

  • Energy Efficient: Saving energy is the first motive of everyone and these lights are the best energy efficient lights ever. This feature makes these lights more desirable and better than the other lights.
  • Saves Money: As these lights save 50-90% less power than the traditional lightings, it helps in saving large amount of money and hence, are best for the people and organizations which are not financially sound.
  • Bright Light: No doubt the LED lights reduce energy consumption but they do not compromise with the lighting levels and brightness. This adds an extra point to the LED lights.
  • Long Life: The LEDs last longer than any other traditional light and have 4-5 times longer life span.
  • Safety: LED canopy light provides safety to all when used at the buildings’ entrances, garages or on the streets. It is enough to lighten up the whole area or a street at a time and hence, helps in reducing the number of mishappenings and accidents that can be caused due to darkness.


These above reasons make the LED lights, the best option or garages, streets, buildings, gas stations and other commercial applications. Get the LED canopy lights installed as soon as possible by professional fixtures to bless your society or building with more safety and efficiency that too at low costs.


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Reasons Why LED Flood Lights are Beneficial

LED lights are ecological savior of our planet. LED stand for Light emitting diode which is a two lead semiconductor light source.  LED was first introduced in 1962 and since then its development and diversity has been growing exponentially. Its popularity has taken over the traditional forms of lighting and here’s why:

  • LEDs consume less power than traditional lighting which saves electricity and therefore money.
  • It does not contain any toxic material like other fluorescent lighting.
  • LED does not emit UV radiation which is common in the ordinary lights.
  • It is highly durable, shock proof and weather resistant.
  • Unlike Bulbs, LED does not waste energy in heat which makes it more efficient.

LED flood light

There are several types of LED lights that are available in the market. One of the trendy types is LED flood light. It is used for various purposes for lighting outdoor areas. Warehouses, perimeters of houses, theaters, playgrounds and stadiums are few of the locations where flood lights are most efficient. There are all sorts of flood lights available but LED flood light stand out because of the following:

  • LED flood lights have unique longevity which makes it the first choice.
  • Traditional flood lights consume a lot of electricity as they are generally used for outdoor purposes, whereas LEDs provide the same in half of traditional lights consumption.
  • Ordinary flood light produces a lot of heat which damages it with slight change in weather; this problem is not seen in case of LEDs.
  • It emits white light which is quite similar to sun light. Because of this reason these are preferred in stadiums.
  • It does not emit carbon and is not affected by temperature changes which make it the most appropriate outdoor lighting.

LED canopy light

Not only Flood lights, all the forms of LED lighting are more efficient, environment friendly and power saving. This is the reason why environmentalists also support LED over Traditional lighting. With the complications of limited resources, depletion of ozone and global warming LEDs are turning out to be the savior of the planet providing bright aura without causing harm to Earth.

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LED lighting – Power of a Diode !

Since the invention of the first bulb by Thomas Alva Edison, the lighting industry has developed into a giant field of business and it has been providing different varieties of lights with every passing year. The category of lights since the first bulb has expanded staggeringly. From the candles we have reached an age with fluorescent lights, LEDs, and many more.

LED canopy light

LED has become one of the modern trends of lighting; it works on the simple yet useful principal of emission of a diode. LED stands for Light Emitting Diode which came in practical study in the year 1962. Since then it has evolved and now it has turned into an industry and slowly taking over the other forms of lighting available in the market.

LEDs are used for various lighting purposes such as:

  • LED canopy light
  • Wall lighting
  • Parking lighting
  • Hanging fixtures
  • Lamps
  • LED Flood lights
  • LED sport fixtures
  • High Bay lights

The reasons why LED has become the colossal tycoon in the lighting industry is because of the following reasons:

  • It has extra long life, which is hard to find in the conventional forms of lighting.
  • Unlike bulbs, LEDs does not generate unnecessary heat and thus they are the most energy efficient forms of lighting known to humans.
  • LEDs are eco friendly and are made up from 100% recyclable material that contributes in the reduction of Carbon foot print.
  • It is the optimal form of lighting for the outdoor use as it has features like shock proof, vibration resistant and antagonistic to external impacts.
  • Most of the lighting available in the market have a problem of ultra violet emission which very harmful for any living creature on this planet, LEDs are the solution of this major problem and does not emit any kind of ultra violet radiation.
  • It is flexible and can be shaped into any form to provide better design, style and contour to the users.
  • As LED works on individual diode system, it is very easy to control each and everyone diode which can be used to generate patterns in the light especially the lightings for clubs, pubs, discs, and concerts etc.
  • It works on very low voltage compared to any other conventional light.

As the threat of global warming is increasing and our planet at stake, LEDs have turned out to be a very beneficial form of lighting, not just for us but for mother Earth as well.

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